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Grossman Functional
Grossman Functional

Over 10 years of research and development have gone into the revolutionary new design of the Grossman Functional arch support. Using advanced computing technology and scanners that monitor the feet while in motion, Dr. Grossman studied 10,000 patients to create the perfect orthotic.

The Grossman Functional’s revolutionary new design helps relieve hip, knee and back pain by correcting irregularities of the foot during gait that can lead to an unbalanced skeletal foundation.

The Grossman’s design helps to center the heel and arch and drive power through the 1st ray of the foot.

Because of the corrective nature of the Grossman Functional, your body will begin to use new muscles as it corrects the way you walk. Some soreness is expected as your body adjusts to a proper form during gait. It is highly recommended to follow the break-in instructions included with the orthotics to avoid unnecessary soreness.

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